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Gulf of Mexico

Negative Effects of BP Oil Spill Linger

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Gulf of Mexico | 0 comments

It was in April of 2010 that the largest accidental oil spill in American history occurred, more commonly known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill or the BP oil spill. Almost half a billion barrels of oil had spilled into the water, largely devastating the aquatic ecosystem as well as the nearby businesses.

Even up until as this writing, there is still evidence that presents there still rests quite a devastating amount of crude oil – roughly 38 million liters of it – on the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico. Naturally, as a consequence, livelihoods and businesses were largely affected overnight – and the effects have not yet stopped.

Many businesses have still yet to receive compensation for the loss in profit as a result from the oil spill while some have even had to declare bankruptcy or cease business entirely. There is evidence that there are factors at play that allow for BP to file an appeal that would allow for them to compensate the victims with an amount that they have approved.

Translating that roughly, it means that if the victim does not counter BP’s appeal in the sanctioned time, they would receive no compensation for the damages sustained upon them. According to the website of the business lawyers of Arenson Law Group, PC, it can be difficult for business owners to bounce back from such a sudden, unexpected tragedy that they are not financially equipped to sustain such a great loss in such a short amount of time.

As BP has already taken responsibility for the oil spill in question and has agreed to compensate all those who have been affected by this unfortunate circumstance, there are still some loop holes that rest when you do not have the proper legal help to represent you in this case, whereas BP is a large company that has resources and connections galore. In order to be heard you have to have a qualified lawyer speaking up for you.

However, despite being faced against a large corporation, it is still imperative that your rights and privileges are upheld to the fullest extent of the law as it is important to ensure that justice prevails from this ordeal.

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